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Plastic Injection Molding
Precision Injection Molding Medical Product Enclosure Electronic Products Case

Precision Injection Molding Medical Product Enclosure Electronic Products Case

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In addition to injection mold manufacturing, we also provide services such as oil injection, laser engraving, and silk screen printing to ensure that products have better quality and appearance effects.

Our processing equipment is the most advanced, including high-precision CNC processing equipment, high-precision planers, and other modern production equipment.



Plastic Injection Mould


ABS,PP,PC,PEEK,PEI,TPE,ABS+TPE or any other material as you need


Design based on your idea or Make mold and produce based on your drawing

Design Software


Drawing Format

step, stp, igs, dwg, prt, pdf, stl(for 3D print),etc.

Production Ability

Export about 400 to 500 sets of moulds per year.

Lead Time

4 weeks

Assembly & Test

Professional assembly and testing factory


Wood case, standard carton, pallet or customized



Daily Necessities

mobile phone

household electrical appliances





medical care

Arts and Crafts

Footwear industry


Fast supply speed, on-time delivery, solving customer problems, and reliable quality

High quality production environment and safety awareness, ensuring the safety and health of employees

Accurate size, smooth surface, high tolerance, long service life, and significant usage effect

Efficient production processes and a comprehensive quality control system ensure high customer satisfaction

Product Display:

Precision Injection Molding Medical Product Enclosure Electronic Products Case(Pic1)

Precision Injection Molding Medical Product Enclosure Electronic Products Case(Pic2)

Precision Injection Molding Medical Product Enclosure Electronic Products Case(Pic3)


Q: What industries can your mold be suitable for?

A: Our molds are suitable for various industries, such as the automotive industry, electronics industry, home appliance industry, medical equipment industry, daily necessities industry, etc. We have rich experience and technical strength in mold manufacturing, and can provide customized mold products for different industries according to customer needs.

Q: How do you protect customers' trade secrets?

A: We attach great importance to protecting customers' trade secrets and intellectual property rights. We will discuss and reach a confidentiality agreement with the client before signing the contract to ensure that their confidentiality is protected. At the same time, we will also strictly control the information flow in the production process to ensure the security of customer data.

Q: Do you have ISO or other quality management certifications?

A: Yes, we have passed international quality management system certifications such as ISO9001:2015. We always adhere to quality as the core competitiveness of the enterprise, starting from continuously improving management level, optimizing processes, and strengthening personnel training, continuously improving management and production efficiency to meet customer needs to the maximum extent.

Q: Are your equipment and craftsmanship excellent?

A: Yes, we have the most advanced mold production equipment and processes, including CNC CNC machining centers, electric discharge wire cutting machines, Newton ring cutting machines, laser cutting machines, and other equipment. We also continuously introduce new technologies, materials, and processes to improve the manufacturing accuracy and product quality of molds, in order to meet customers' needs for high-quality molds.

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