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Address:Building 4, Yulu Sixth Industrial Zone, Yutang Street, Guangming District, Shenzhen City

Plastic Injection Molding
Precision Injection Molding Shenzhen Toys Mould Injection Mold Processing

Precision Injection Molding Shenzhen Enclosure Mould Injection Mold ProcessingDescription:We are a factory specializing in injection mold manufacturing, with a strong research and development team and

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We are a factory specializing in injection mold manufacturing, with a strong research and development team and efficient production equipment. We are committed to providing customers with the highest quality products and services.

No matter what type of injection mold you need, we can meet your needs. We provide fast sampling, processing and customization services to ensure that all product accuracy meets customer requirements.



Plastic Injection Mould


ABS,PP,PC,PEEK,PEI,TPE,ABS+TPE or any other material as you need


Design based on your idea or Make mold and produce based on your drawing

Design Software


Drawing Format

step, stp, igs, dwg, prt, pdf, stl(for 3D print),etc.

Production Ability

Export about 400 to 500 sets of moulds per year.

Lead Time

4 weeks

Assembly & Test

Professional assembly and testing factory


Wood case, standard carton, pallet or customized



Daily Necessities

mobile phone




Household electrical appliances

Footwear industry


With years of manufacturing experience and strong engineering team expertise, we are able to meet various customer requirements.

Focusing on mold manufacturing technology, experienced technical personnel enable every mold to strive for excellence

The workshop has advanced equipment, including CNC CNC machine tools, milling machines, spark machines, grinders, and precision engraving machines, capable of precision machining molds

Product Display:

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Q: Can your molds be manufactured according to customer requirements?

A: Yes, our molds can be customized and manufactured according to customer requirements. We will strictly follow the drawings and instructions provided by the customer for design and manufacturing, ensuring that the mold meets the customer's requirements.

Q: What certifications have you obtained for the quality of your molds?

A: Our molds comply with ISO9001 certification and CE certification standards. We will continue to promote the quality management system, improve the performance of molds and product quality.

Q: What is the price of your mold?

A: We will provide quotations based on different products and customer needs. Our mold prices are reasonable, and we will also provide discounted prices based on customer needs.

Q: What issues do you need to pay attention to when maintaining and maintaining your mold?

A: The maintenance and upkeep of molds is very important, as it can extend the service life of molds and improve product quality. The specific methods of maintenance and upkeep include regular cleaning, lubrication, repair, and replacement. We can also provide corresponding maintenance and upkeep services.

Q: How long does your mold production cycle take?

A: The production cycle may vary depending on the requirements provided by the customer and the type of mold. We will complete the mold manufacturing and delivery as soon as possible to ensure that customers can obtain the required molds in a timely manner.

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